Welcome to Urban Fresh

As a family we have been fortunate to travel to many regions of Spain and savoured many of its culinary delights. Of all our experiences, we kept landing at many of the superb Asadors/Steakhouses and were intrigued by the flavours in the most simplistic of dishes. This lead us on our journey and exploration not just in Spanish food but how it appeared to manifest into the South American culinary scene and culture.

Excited by what we found we just had to bring this taste and vibe to you all.
Relaxed atmosphere, urban feel, deliciously fresh food with South American influences and all in vibrant surroundings.

So, we are pleased and proud to bring you Urban Fresh.

A vibrant and exciting restaurant where flavours are guaranteed to rock your taste buds.

Food inspired by the flavours of South America, guaranteed to rock your tastebuds!!